Welcome to the Panther Community!

As the Parent Coordinator for Research and Service, I am happy to welcome the new families and to welcome back those who are returning to our school. My job as the Parent Coordinator is to act as the liaison between you and the school. You may direct any questions, concerns, or ideas to me that you may have. My ultimate goal is to build and maintain an effective partnership between your family and our school community. Throughout the course of the year, I will keep in contact with you by posting news online, sending information home with your child, newsletters, personal calls, and sending weekly emails about the events and programs available to you. I look forward to meeting all of you throughout the school year, but I am certainly available to meet or speak with you anytime. You may contact me at the school at (718) 804-6800 or via email at Smitchell@researchandservicehs.org

Thank you for your commitment to your child’s future success and I look forward to another great school year!


Sharnell Mitchell

Parent Coordinator