About Us

Research and Service High School is a transfer school dedicated to serving the educational and social needs of 250 over-age and under-credited scholars. We are dedicated to nurturing the development of higher-order intellectual and moral qualities among students and will stress the connection between education and the highly trained leadership capabilities required for collegiate and professional success in the 21st century and beyond. We also believe strongly in equality of opportunity and recognize that exquisite talent is often hidden in students whose development requires unique educational and personal reinforcement.


Research and Service is a community high school that fosters intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning through civic engagement and cultural relevancy.


We believe that students learn best when what they learn is personally meaningful and they understand the importance of their role in designing and implementing plans for community economic, social and political development.

Core Values

Control is the ability to make a choice about how you behave instead of just acting on an impulse. You have self-control when you think about a situation and what might happen if you behave a certain way. If you show self-control, you make appropriate decisions and choose behaviors that will have good outcomes. Self-control is very important for getting along with other people. It is thinking before acting.

Optimism is exhibited when students demonstrate a positive and empowering rational attitude toward their individual and collective possibilities. Optimism, therefore, is also an important component of achievement, and is especially important in times of chaos, change and turbulence. Students who have an optimistic outlook will roll with the punches, will be more proactive and persistent and will not abandon hope.

Resilience can be defined as good outcomes in spite of serious threats to adaptation or development. Academic resilience refers to a student's willingness to persevere at academic tasks even when they are frustrated. In other words, academically resilient children do not give up, no matter what faces them.

Empowerment is defined as the concepts of power-over and power-to. Power-over is a force of power in the form of domination. Students will recognize that they have power-over how they response to situations both social and academic. Power-to, the second conception of power, it is when a student perceives that they have the ability or capability to act.